the Classes:


the "basic"


  • This is a 3 hour long class.
  • Cost: $225.
  • You must bring a DSLR camera. Please read your camera manual before attending so you are familiar with where the dials are on your camera to change the shutter speed, aperture and ISO.
  • What is taught: 

How to understand exposure, learn to adjust your aperture depending on the type of photo you are taking, learn my preferred settings for shooting in all kinds of lighting scenarios (indoors, low light, harsh light, golden hour), selecting shutter speed to show motion or to freeze it, what ISO is and how to use it to your advantage, how to change your white balance and make it become natural to adjust for every photograph you take, see how different local lengths effect the style of an image, and how to illicit emotion from your subjects as well as look for beautiful light to create strong imagery.

My main goal is that you finish this class with an excellent understanding of how your camera works with confidence and the knowledge to go home and document your own family in an artistic, present and positive way.


the "getting



  • This is a 4 hour long class.
  • Cost: $325.
  • To attend this class you must have a good understanding of how to shoot in manual mode on your camera.
  • What is taught:

I am going to share with you a variety of techniques I use to create captivating photographs. Freelensing, long exposure, how to find and create dramatic lighting for portraits, seeking out reflections and shadows, interesting composition, framing using ordinary objects for texture, the art of self portraiture as well as how to really enjoy the photo taking process while getting the kids involved as well.

My main goal is that you finish this class feeling completely inspired!  I'd love to see everyone experiment with the techniques learned and keep growing and trying weird and brave things long after the class has finished to go on and establish a unique perspective through photography.

the EDITINg class

  • This is a 2.5 hour long class.
  • Cost: $175.

I will be teaching how I edit using Lightroom and Photoshop. I try to get my photographs as close to perfect exposure in camera so that the editing process is simple with the images just needing a little "polish". I will show you start to finish how I cull a portrait session and adjust for exposure, shadows, grain, color temperature, levels, contrast as well as achieving a specific style through post production. I admit I am by no means a computer wiz and just have figured out what works for me... the simple approach is what I will be sharing.

All three classes will be taught in succession on the same day:  

8:00am - The Basic Class

12:30pm - The Getting Creative Class

6:00pm - The Editing Class.

There will be an 90 minute break in between classes.

You have the option to register for just one, two or all three classes.