The most beautiful chapter is the one that does not go unnoticed.

The best photographs are the honest ones - the ones where the kids are comfortable and their most true selves. Everyday. At home. 

I wish I could be there with you with my camera slung around my neck in your beautifully ordinary days. But it is you, the parent, who sees your child in the most true light. 

You are the roots beneath their tiny tree.

You were there at their first step cheering them on, holding their hand at every lost tooth, bandaged up skinned knees after the first bike ride without the training wheels and have listened to their hopes, fears and dreams at the end of every day.

You are there for every chapter. You know each story that has made up who they are.

The triumphs, the messy, the hard, the joys, the pain, the celebrations and all the beautiful ordinary magic.

And you are illustrating their childhood through photos every single day.

I want to help you maximize your tool of illustration. 

Photographs seem to have the ability to slow time & tell more than words ever could.

I want to sit beside you and share with you the skills and tools I've learned to help your pictures become more than snapshots...

they will become POETRY.  



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