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The Wildflowers Photography Policies Agreement:  -Procedures - All registration is first come, first serve. A limited number of spaces are available and your spot will be reserved with class fee -Refunds - All class fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to participate in the class after already making a payment we will keep the deposit on file for a future class.  -Health & Liability – Class payment and registration certifies that you do not knowingly have any physical or other condition of disability that would create a risk for you or other class participants. Attendees releases Wildflowers Photography and associates from any liability and/or claims whatsoever of any bodily injuries, loss or damage to personal property before, during, or after the workshop. This includes damage to person or property due to accidents, delay in itinerary or expenses incurred due to theft. Attendees take full responsibility for personal injury. Wildflowers Photography reserves the right to substitute staff; instruction location and to alter the itinerary if felt that it becomes necessary or advisable. If Wildflowers Photography must cancel a class, for any reason, a full refund received to the attendees shall release Wildflowers Photography from any further liability.  -Sharing of Class Information- Attendees agree to keep private all information in written and verbal form shared by Wildflowers Photography during the classes. This includes not posting in any personal or public forums the information given to attendees during the class. Attendees agree not to hold their own classes or events sharing any of the information given by Wildflowers Photography and to respect the time and effort that has been put in for the success of each attendee.  -Attendees agree that Wildflowers Photography has the right to take images of attendees and may use photographs for any lawful purpose, such as web content, marketing, or portfolio purposes. -Registration form and payment are an acknowledgement of the terms of the above policies and all workshop attendees are bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement.  -I have read the above document concerning liability and agree to hold Wildflowers Photography harmless according to this document. I also agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions. I wish to take a “These Pictures Are Poems Class” as indicated above.